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Teamwear FAQ’s

Where are the garments embroidered?

All our embroidery takes place in the English midlands.

Where are the garments manufactured?

Most garments we use for embroidered team wear are manufactured outside the UK.

Where on the garment will my logo and lettering be embroidered?

The logo and the lettering will be embroidered on the left breast.  If you have any other requirements, please talk to us before placing your order.

What size is the lettering when I have a name embroidered?

Depending on the words you choose, each line of lettering is up to approximately 100mm (4 inches) wide.

Must my logo be a certain size and colour?

The logo we embroider must be no more than 100mm (4 inches) from top to bottom and from right to left and it can be a maximum of four colours.

If I just want a name embroidered, say the name of my team or company, do I need to upload any artwork?

No, you only need to upload a JPG file if you’re having a logo or other image embroidered. Lettering is much simpler, so all you have to do is tell us during the order process what lettering you would like.

Why is there an extra fee for embroidering a logo?

When we receive your logo artwork in JPG format we have to convert it into an image the embroidery machines can work with. That process is carried out by a specialist contractor and is one we have to pay for.

How can I upload a logo?

When you’re going through the ordering process, make sure you add an embroidered logo to your shopping cart, that will then enable you to simply attach a JPG file of the logo when instructed and we’ll do the rest.

What colour will the embroidery stitching be?

We have a standard range of embroidery colours which compliment, but contrast with, the colour of the garment. This way, the embroidered letters stand out clearly but are sympathetic to the garment colour.

When we embroider logos, we use threads which are as close to the colours in the uploaded artwork as possible to make the logo reproduction as faithful as it can be.

How long does it take between ordering an embroidered garment and delivery?

Garments are usually kept in stock at the main warehouse and are with our embroidery department in 24-48 hours. Embroidery will usually take about 4-5 working days but can be longer at very busy periods. As soon as the goods are embroidered they are despatched immediately.

If we’re out of stock of a particular garment we’ll inform you immediately and tell you how long it’ll be before it’s available. That gives you the choice of waiting until the garment comes into stock or if you prefer, getting a full and immediate refund.